Wednesday, 6 June 2012

BellBuoy 2012 Ncags Exercise


This Exercise BellBuoy 2012 (named as "Trade Freedom 2012" was conducted under the doctrine and policies of NCAGS.  Participant nations from the Pacific and Indian Oceans Shipping Working Group (PACIOSWG) sent representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, UK, USA and Chile.

Also attended as observers Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico. This time, the headquarters of the Maritime Forces Pacific, Canada's Navy, hosted 12 countries during the two weeks of exercise, and had NCAGS detachments deployed in the cities of Vancouver, Prince Rupert and Victoria. 

Last year in similar dates, Chile hosted this annual exercise.

Monday, 9 May 2011


Ncags Chile is preparing the hosting for Bell Buoy 2011 (BB11) this year
We are only a few weeks before the arrival of PACIOSWG participants for this year BB11, and the Covering Letter of the LOI was already sent by email and posted on APAN Portal by the Autralian permanent Secretariat.
Annexes will be issued during this week and posted on the same webpage and mirrored here for those who can accsess to blogsites.  Please see link on left column on this Blog.
Agenda for the exercise will be disseminated the same way.


Friday, 18 February 2011

PACIOSWG Annual Meeting, PXD BB 2010 and FPC BB 2011

Thanks to the hosting of the Royal Australian Navy we could make the Annual Pacioswg meeting in Sydney, at HMAS Kuttabul.
The meeting was held the 24th and 25th of last January this year, within that week, where the Pxd of BellBuoy 2010 and Fpc BB 2011 took place also.
New improvements were communicated to The Group, as the new portal for Pacioswg issues and the confirmation on the establishment of our permanent secretariat in Australia.
The incorporation of Singapore to The Group and to Bell Buoy exercise rotation, was a relevant issue on this opportunity, so all member nations and the objectives of Pacioswg will be enriched.
Now, the new aims of The Group are the participation of new observers tah would become members among Pacific and Indian oceans rim, such as Japan and French Navy in the French Polinesia.
New Terms of Refference were discussed to contain new countries as venues for annual meetings and exercising rotation. The TOR's are in the process of revision by the Chairman and will be disseminated for final approval and publication on the official Pacioswg Portal in APAN Website, and this Blog as a backup.
The Group at "HMAS Kuttabul"

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Invitation to PDP for PACIO Members

At the last NSWG meeting, it was decided to convene a Publications Drafting Panel meeting to take forward the re-write of ATP2 Vol 1.
This is to be hosted by the UK at HMS Collingwood from 18-22 Oct 2010. Accordingly, PFA formal invitation from the UK as hosts for PACIOSWG members to attend the meeting as Observers and related documentation can be downloaded from the following links:

The Chairman

Thursday, 20 May 2010


From 10th to 21st of May, this year, countries within PACIOSWG, participated in Bell Buoy 2010 International NCAGAS Exercise.

Teams were allocated in Sydney, Port Botany and Newcastle.
The objective of BB10 was to set  and evaluate interoperability of national NCAGS organizations to meet a threat to SLOCS as well as asymmetrical threats and crisis response operations.

The areas of interest used were the waters adjacent to the north-eastern Autralian coast-line to the Coral Sea, Palawan Island, Philippine archipielagic waters and to the South China Sea.

Monday, 17 May 2010


As it is known, natural disaster ocurred in Chile with the earthquake and tsunami, on the 27 February this year, altered the the timetable of the action items stablished in the "Minutes of the Meeting" of Pacioswg annual meeting, including the publication in this blog.
So the definitive "Minutes of the Meeting" are now posted in the following link password protected as the rest of the Pacioswg files: "Minutes of the Meeting".

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Closing Remarks of The PACIOSWG Annual Meeting, PXD BellBuoy and FPC BB 2010

At the end of the 2010 Pacioswg annual meeting, held at HMAS Penguin, in the beautiful of Sydney, various action items were agreed and placed in the Minutes of the Meeting, which are going to be sent later.
The re-incorporation of New Zealand in fullmembership and the intention of Singapore to be part of this Working Group were de most relevant aspects discussed.
The Information Fusion Center capabilities to enhance maritime security, which is located in Changi Naval Base, was presented by the representatives of Singapore. This represent opportunities to the activities for Maritime situational awareness and Naval Co-operation and guidance for shipping.

In other side of the week spent at HMAS Penguin, Australia acknowledged CMDR's Paul Taylorthe service for being their longest serving Commander in Maritime Trade Operations to date.  During his period, most of the countries attending this year Pacioswg annual mmeting new him, so all of us wish him good luck on his new job.

Also one of our longest member in PACIOSWG and BellBuoy exercise series are departing to a new post on his carrer within the Canadian Navy. We are talking about LtCdr Dan Manu-Popa, who for 16 years was the one energized the group with his knowledge and enthusiasm in every aspect.  His experience within the Nato Shipping working Group, updated and enlighted and oriented our discussions.
Dan: A warm and special "hasta la vista" (not good by) for your "accompaniment" all this years.